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June 2020 - Community Site Problems

In its unrivalled corporate wisdom and unaccountability, Google has decided that the Pegasus Mail Community forum is a phishing site. As you might expect, having made this determination, Google has provided no way for us to explain to them that they have made a mistake, as they clearly have, and as a result the site is now blacklisted for users of the Google Chrome browser.

Now, I think this is pretty despicable. A large corporation making decisions that affect many people without being accountable in any way, or providing any reasonable avenue to have those decisions corrected: it's Google as judge, jury and executioner, no appeals considered. But there simply doesn't seem to be anything I or my users can do about this.

Add this fiasco to the fact that the site is running on very old software that I can no longer afford to update, and the fact that the people who have kindly hosted the site for so long find themselves in a position where they really can't do so any longer, and it's clear that we have to shut down the Community Site as it currently exists and replace it with something newer, hosted in my own domain where I can take responsibility for it.

I have a system within my domain where the Community can be hosted, and my test team have come up with a couple of excellent free softare solutions we can use to replace the ageing existing software (in particular, discourse looks good - The problem is that my plate is so overloaded that I simply don't have the time available to get up to speed with the installation and maintenance of a system like this. So, I'm looking for one or more volunteers to help me out.

Update, July 6th

Two members of my beta test team have offered to set up a new community site for me based on the Codoforum forum software. When they've finished, we'll move it into place on a server in my own domain and reopen it for public use. Please bear with us during this process — I'll try to post updates from time to time to let you know how we're getting on.

As always, my thanks to you all and my best wishes in these very difficult times.

David Harris

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