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Contacting us / Technical support / Privacy

  • If you have comments about this web site, or if you find broken links, please contact our webmaster.

  • Bona-fide bug reports and suggestions for new features in Pegasus Mail or Mercury are welcome at our tech support address. Please keep wish lists as short as humanly possible.

  • Technical support for Pegasus Mail is available on a best-effort basis by mailing our Pegasus Mail Technical Support address. The technical support address is manned by volunteers, and speed-of-reply may be dependent on volunteer availability and current load.

  • Licensed Mercury users can obtain formal technical support from the author of the program by sending e-mail to our Mercury Technical Support address. Make sure you include your Mercury License Number in the subject line of your message or you will almost certainly not get a reply (we have filtering processes in place that check for this).

Privacy statement

This web site does not gather information of any kind other than simple statistical information about the number of hits it receives. Similarly, we guarantee that neither Pegasus Mail nor Mercury contains any kind of "spyware" component - neither package ever "phones home", nor do they gather or distribute information about you for any purpose unless you explicitly agree to it.

Finally, any information you may have provided to us in the past (typically for the purpose of purchasing manuals or support) may remain held on file, but is never made available to any other person or organization for any purpose whatsoever. You can ask us for the details of any information we hold on file for you at any time by mailing us at Any reasonable request for correction of errors in information held by us will be honoured as quickly as humanly possible (we aim for a maximum of 48 business hours wherever possible).

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