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November 2020 - Christmas updates

2020... What a year! I'm not going to go into any of it - like me, you've all been living it, and are no doubt pretty sick of it (although not literally, I hope). Well, I can't offer a cure for the ills of the world, but I can at least offer some news of updates to both Pegasus Mail and Mercury that will be out in time for Christmas.

Both programs' updates will feature new OpenSSL libraries: we've now finally managed to get the OpenSSL 1.1.1 tree compiling and linking, so SSL support is now completely up-to-date and assured for a number of years (the 1.0.2 tree we had been using is now at end-of-life). This won't mean a lot to normal users, but should allow the programs to integrate seamlessly with large providers for the foreseeable future. There are also quite a few bug fixes in both programs, in particular some improvements in Mercury's IMAP support that should improve reliability for sites with a lot of iOS devices, and a new text editor module for Pegasus Mail that should do a better job of editing replies to HTML messages.

I had hoped to have OAUTH2 support available for Pegasus Mail in particular, but this has ended up being a more difficult proposition than even I expected (and I was expecting it to be pretty awful). I've had to develop a comprehensive HTTPS client to make it work, and while I'm confident I'll have it operating soon, I don't want to hold up the updates for any longer because of it. As soon as the OAUTH2 module is complete, there will be another update - I am aiming for late January at this point.

Pegasus Mail v5 and Mercury v5 development continues. I realize that many of you will think of these programs as vaporware by now, and it's hard to describe how frustrating I find it that I can't show you all the work that has gone in behind the scenes. Mercury v5 is much closer than Pegasus Mail v5 - essentially, only one component needs to be finished before V5 can enter beta testing (the mailing list editor, which has proven much harder to split into service and UI components than the rest of the program). Regarding Pegasus Mail, a lot of the redevelopment involves modules such as the new message store, which have been written to be completely standalone - a lot of what remains is coding support for these new modules into the program itself, which is unfortunately still a lot of work. I'm not in a position to offer any kind of date for Pegasus Mail v5 - I've done that in the past and created a lot of trouble for myself by being dramatically optimistic... But I offer you my sincere promise that it *will* happen, and that I believe the result will be good when it does.

Finally, as noted elsewhere in the "What's new" section, redevelopment of the Community Site is progressing well: all users and postings have been imported from the old site into the new CodoForum version, and we're now at the point of adjusting the look and feel of the new site to make it a bit more familiar to our users. We hope to have the new site up and running very soon - watch this space for more information as it comes to hand.

That's it for now - please keep safe and be kind, even if some days it's frustratingly difficult to do that.


-- David --

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