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Welcome to the North American Web Site for Pegasus Mail, the Internet's longest-serving PC e-mail system, and for the Mercury Mail Transport System, our comprehensive range of Internet Mail Server products. Pegasus Mail and Mercury are free products, dedicated to serving all who need them.

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New! Pegasus Mail v4.3 released



Dec 2005 - Urgent: Secunia exploits



Apr 2005 Roadmap for 2005



Apr 2005 Linux/Open Source update



Dec 2004 Mercury/32 v4.01b patch



Oct 2004  Pegasus Mail v4.21c R1a German module update released.


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Current Versions
Pegasus Mail for Windows: 4.31
Pegasus Mail for MS-DOS: 3.50
Mercury (NLM version): 1.48
Mercury (Win32 version): 4.01b

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