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This page provides links to third-party products that might be of interest to Pegasus Mail and Mercury users. If you have a product that works with Pegasus Mail and would like it to appear on these pages, please contact David Harris with information about it.

Encryptors and security-related products
Pegasus Mail extensions (plugin modules)
Mercury Daemons (plugin modules)

Various other pages on the web are useful sources of information about Pegasus Mail and related issue:

Michael Bernardi's Pegasus Mail add-ons page   This site contains an absolute wealth of information about enhancing and extending Pegasus Mail through add-ons and crafty configuration.

Han van den Bogaerde has a site specially created as a linkpage to other Pegasus Mail related sites. There you can find the latest developments of Pegasus Mail for Windows and information about upcoming versions. Han is a member of the Pegasus Mail support team and a senior beta tester for the program.

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