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Full Support Subscriptions for Pegasus Mail and Mercury

Purchasing a support subscription gets you access to all manuals for both Pegasus Mail and Mercury, and to formal, personal technical support for both products. Subscriptions are annual, payable in advance, and renewable on each anniversary of the original purchase date. The cost of a subscription depends on the number of people using Pegasus Mail and Mercury, as shown in this table:

1 - 5 users @ US$125 per annum 6 - 20 users @ US$225 per annum
21-100 users @ US$350 per annum 101 - 500 users @ US$595 per annum
501 - 1000 users @ US$875 per annum 1001+ users @ US$1000 per annum

Subscriptions are the only way to get manuals and technical support for Mercury, even if you do not also use Pegasus Mail. Subscriptions can be purchased using a credit card or with a company purchase order on normal invoicing terms. While prices are shown in US Dollars, payment can be made in other currencies provided the amount is equivalent. You can order a support subscription either from within Pegasus Mail itself by clicking the "$" button on the program's main toolbar (this will send an order by encrypted e-mail), or by using our secure online order form. Orders are usually processed within 48 business hours or less.

Renewals:: we will normally send you a renewal e-mail message around the time your subscription expires, but if you wish to renew your subscription manually by purchase order or credit card using our secure web server, please go here.

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