March 2011 - Internet Explorer 9 and Pegasus Mail v4.61  Microsoft have just released version 9 of their Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately, between the late betas of this program which we used for testing and the release version, they have made changes that may interfere with the new IERenderer HTML display component in Pegasus Mail v4.61. We have found workarounds for these problems and expect to have a v4.62 release out incorporating them before the end of March. In the meantime, if you are using IE9 and are having problems with HTML mail in Pegasus Mail as a result, you can disable IERenderer in Pegasus Mail by going to its icon at the right-hand end of the toolbar, clicking it, and unchecking Use IERenderer in the menu that pops up. Once you have done this, Pegasus Mail's alternative HTML renderer, BearHTML, will take over the rendering of HTML messages as it did in previous versions of the program.

May 2007 - New Community Site online!  We are pleased to announce our new Community Server, which we believe will be a premier resource for our users. With discussion forums, downloads, blogs, community technical support, announcements and more, the site is packed with all the stuff you need to use Pegasus Mail and Mercury more effectively. We expect that, over time, the Community Site will become the primary point of access for our users. We encourage you to visit and take a tour of the site.

May 2007 - Mercury/32 IMAP Server v4.01c patch released  A patch is now available to correct a security vulnerability in Mercury/32 v4.01b where the IMAP server could be attacked using malformed IMAP literals. Although the impact of the vulnerability is probably limited only to causing crashes (rather than compromising the host system), it does not require authentication and is thus considered serious. This patch also fixes some memory leaks in the IMAP server. You must be running Mercury/32 v4.01b to install this patch. Please click here to go to the patch download page, where you can retrieve this patch.

January 2007 - Pegasus Mail and Mercury Manuals released  As part of the restructuring of the way Pegasus Mail and Mercury are funded and distributed, manuals for these programs (which were previously a licensed product) are now freely available to all users. Please click here to go to our downloads page, where you can retrieve these manual sets. Note that the manuals are supplied in Adobe PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat or a similar application that can display PDFs for viewing.

July 2006 - Pegasus Mail v4.41 released in English, German, French and Italian  Pegasus Mail v4.41 is now available for public distribution in four languages. Originally I had not intended there to be any further releases in the v4.4 family, moving instead to development of V5, but some compelling new capabilities have persuaded me to bring out this release, which may prove to be one of the more significant in quite some time. Please click here for more information on v4.41, or here to go to the downloads page.

February 2006 - French Translation module for Pegasus Mail v4.31 released  Philippe Chartier, Emmanuel Demulau et leur équipe de traduction et de test sont heureux de vous annoncer la disponibilité du module de traduction en langue française pour Pegasus Mail v4.31. Résultat de nombreux mois de travail et de test, nous espérons que ce module sera utile à la communauté francophone dans le monde entier. Cliquez ici pour vous rendre à la page de téléchargements afin de récupérer le programme d'installation du module.

January 2006 - Security Patches for Mercury/32 PH Server (MercuryH) and PopPass Server (MercuryW). We have recently been informed of "script-kiddie" exploits circulating in the wild that target these Mercury/32 modules, and although we have only been able to confirm the MercuryH exploit, we have prepared precautionary patches for both modules - all Mercury/32 sites that use either of these modules under Mercury/32 v4.01a, Mercury/32 v4.01b or any Mercury/32 v4.10 beta should consider it mandatory to download and install the appropriate patch on their systems. To download these patches, go to the patches page on this site by clicking here.

December 2005 - Secunia advises of exploits against Pegasus Mail v4.21  Secunia Research, a Denmark-based security analysis firm, has discovered two potentially exploitable bugs in the Pegasus Mail v4.2 version family and the Pegasus Mail v4.3 public beta. One of the exploits is largely harmless, but the other is quite serious, and can potentially result in unauthorised code being run on your computer if you download a specially-malformed message via POP3. These exploits have been corrected in the full release of Pegasus Mail v4.3, and versions earlier than v4.2 are not subject to them - in other words, you can only be affected by these exploits if you are running Pegasus Mail v4.21a, b or c, or v4.3pb1. Secunia will be making information about these exploits public on December 28th - if you are running Pegasus Mail v4.2 or the Pegasus Mail v4.3 public beta, we strongly advise you to consider upgrading prior to that time.

December 2004 - Mercury/32 v4.01b patch available  A v4.01b patch is now available for Mercury/32. This patch fixes some buffer overflow vulnerabilities and memory leaks in the MercuryI IMAP server, and extends the transaction level filtering capabilities of the MercuryS SMTP server. All sites running v4.01a should consider this a mandatory upgrade. Please click here to go to the patches page and download this patch.

June 2002 - Pegasus Mail named "best e-mail" package  In their annual "World Class" awards, the major United States computing magazine PCWorld has chosen Pegasus Mail v4.01 as their best e-mail package for 2002. Click here to view their award list.


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