What's new in Pegasus Mail for DOS, v3.5?

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Pegasus Mail v3.5 is the first significant revision to the program in a couple of years. It has many bug fixes, and the following new features:

  • Full support for Native NDS-mode operation on NetWare 4.x and 5.x file servers (the v3.4 NDS preview would not run on NetWare 5.x).
  • Quoted text colouring in the editor and reader - you can now display text commented with ">" in a different colour, just like the Windows version. Configure this in your "Editor Settings" preferences.
  • Word-wrapping in the message reader has been totally reworked to handle deviant mail from some of the less-standard Internet mail programs out there.
  • Handling of Multi-part MIME messages has been considerably improved: you can now reply to and forward parts of these messages from the message reader.
  • The folder view now marks Multipart MIME messages with an M in the "Attachments" column, and shows a dot next to messages for which a reply has been sent.
  • Many small bug fixes, and workaround for preference clashes between the DOS and Windows versions.

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