What's new in Pegasus Mail for Windows, v3.12c?

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WinPMail v3.12c is a bug fix relase - but it has a *lot* of bug fixes. This version represents the end of the line for the v3.x family of Pegasus Mail for Windows products - the next release will be v4.0, which will be a major redevelopment of the program. As a result, we wanted v3.12c to be the best, most reliable and stable version of Pegasus Mail we had produced to date, so we we pretty much cleared all the outstanding issues we could think of. We can count over fifty changes or fixes in v3.12c: the vast majority of them are very minor, and most users have probably run into none of them, but they are there. The most important changes are:

  • A complete, working French implementation is available.

  • Support for the non-standard AUTH LOGIN SMTP authentication method.

  • Problems printing to network printers and printers where the name contains a space (such as various HP printers with USB ports) have been fixed.

  • Support for "vernacular" timezones, such as PST, EDT and so on.

  • MailMerge Extension fixed (v3.12b would generate blank messages on some systems)

  • Pegasus Mail now generates "Message-ID" headers in outgoing messages

  • Most windows can now be closed using <Esc>

  • Sites using the Win32 version only can now use long directory and usernames

  • Custom headers in replies now use a 4-digit year, and there is a new ~X option that will use whatever date format is defined in the Windows control panel

  • Some scrollbar problems when opening and closing folder trays have been fixed

  • Moving multiple messages into a closed IMAP folder should be dramatically faster in this version.

  • Filtering rules associated with an IMAP INBOX folder are now properly-applied when new mail arrives in the folder as the result of a refresh.

  • A lot of work has been done on identity selection, especially in replies to messages.

  • Problems with uuencoded data from Exchange servers containing invalid filenames (i.e, filenames containing spaces, which are not permitted in uuencoded data) have now been fixed.

  • Address autocompletion no longer interferes with pasting addresses from other sources.

  • ... and numerous other fixes and amendments.

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