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Mercury Mail Transport System, NLM version for NetWare servers - Features

The NLM version of Mercury runs on NetWare 3.x, 4.x and 5.x servers, and has support for both the Novell NetWare Bindery and Novell's NDS as a user database. Separate modules can be loaded providing support for the Internet SMTP, POP3 and PH protocols.

  • Small and fast: a complete installation of Mercury uses about 300KB of server disk space, and about 900KB of server memory in normal operation.
  • Capable of sustaining heavy loads - we have sites who send and receive more than 30,000 mail messages each day using Mercury, without seriously impacting on server performance.
  • Supports automatic replies and automatic forwarding of incoming mail
  • Three levels of management for SMTP relaying, allowing you precise control over who can use your server to process mail.
  • Powerful mail server handles automatic list subscription and unsubcription, remote file delivery by e-mail, addressbook lookup requests, and remote mailing list management.
  • Some of the most powerful mailing list options available, including public and private lists, moderated lists and anonymous lists, all with extensive configurable features. Mercury lists can have practically unlimited numbers of subscribers, and a single server can manage an unlimited number of lists.
  • Includes support for Authorised SMTP and Authorised POP3 access
  • Support for Pegasus Mail noticeboards - have mail delivered to public folders on your server
  • Powerful autoresponder features allow you to control the format and layout of automatically-generated messages. You can turn any address on your system into an autoresponder.
  • Support for "Domain mailboxes" - mail domains that will accept mail addressed to any username in the domain and place that mail in a single mailbox.
  • Tight integration with both NetWare and Pegasus Mail, with feature and access control managed through NetWare group membership.
  • PH server allows you to publish a simple Pegasus Mail addressbook to the Internet, providing an alternative to the Novell LDAP server for remote directory services.
  • Extensive connection controls allow you to manage who can connect to the various Mercury server modules.
  • Comprehensive logging of incoming and outgoing mail, including complete session transcripts if you need them.
  • Killfiles - manage unsolicited mail by setting up lists of addresses from which you will not accept mail.

System requirements, Mercury NLM version

  • Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x or 5.x File Server
  • Properly-configured TCP/IP services running on the server
  • 300KB disk space, plus overhead for mail received
  • 600-1200KB File Server RAM depending on loading
  • For outgoing mail: access to a "smart mailer" - the NLM version of Mercury does not deliver directly to the final recipient; instead, it asks a "larger" SMTP implementation, such as a unix system, to deliver on its behalf. This operating mode makes Mercury ideal for use behind firewalls.

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