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June 7th 2018 - Pegasus Mail v4.73



Version 4.73 is a refresh release that updates components and fixes a minor security issue.

  • New OpenSSL build  This version includes OpenSSL v1.0.2n, a recent release with numerous fixes and with new capabilities such as support for Perfect Forward Secrecy. For those who are wondering why we have not moved from the v1.0.2 family of OpenSSL to v1.1.x, it's mainly because the move requires a number of code changes, and we want to be sure the v1.1.x stream is completely stable before migrating to it; rest assured that we will move to it in due course though.

  • Security fix  a DLL load order bug reported by security researcher "hyp3rlinx" has been fixed. We are not aware of any exploitation of this bug to date, and it is a fairly low-impact problem, but better to be safe than sorry.

  • Completely updated Help system  This is the first Pegasus Mail version 5 feature to make it to release - we are adding it ahead of v5 because it's extremely useful, and because it is also stands on its own well in either version. The new help file has been completely brought up to date, with a much improved appearance and a much improved table of contents and index. It is also far easier to maintain from a developer standpoint, so it should be simpler to keep it aggressively up-to-date in future.

  • Updated HTML rendering components The arms race continues... Martin and Michael have once more put considerable time and effort into updating IERenderer and BearHTML to support the ever-changing HTML landscape: I would like to offer my deepest thanks to them for their tireless efforts in what can be a very thankless area.

April 21st 2016 - Pegasus Mail v4.72



Version 4.72 is a maintenance release for v4.71 containing the following changes:

  • Fixes a problem introduced in v4.71 where the mail queue would not correctly update or send mail when the 'Send now' button was pressed (you had to close and reopen the queue or draft manager window and send the messages a second time to make them go out).

  • Includes an updated version of Martin Ireland's MAPI interface, which will work correctly with current builds of LibreOffice.

  • The option to "Add to addressbook" when right-clicking an address in a message now works correctly.

  • A full German version of v4.72 has been released at the same time as the English version.
Note: at the time of writing, one anti-virus service (Baidu) is reporting that the WinPMail v4.72 release archive contains malware: given that 55 other anti-virus services on VirusTotal report the archive as being clean, this is clearly a false positive and can be reliably ignored (to confirm this, we unpacked the files, repacked them, then signed the new archive with a different certificate, and the Baidu warning went away, indicating that the Baidu scanner is incorrectly detecting something based on our code signing certificate rather than anything in the actual archive itself).


January 12th 2016 - Pegasus Mail v4.71



While the seemingly endless process of updating code and preparing for Pegasus Mail version 5 continues, it has become clear that it is time to bring out an update that incorporates fixes and corrections that would benefit many users. The main changes in this release are:

  • New PCONFIG  A completely new version of the Pegasus Mail configuration utility PCONFIG has been provided in this release. While most users will never need to run PCONFIG, for those that do, the old version was becoming a major problem - the new version should address that.

  • New OpenSSL build  This release of Pegasus Mail includes OpenSSL version 1.0.1p, the most recent version we have found in testing to be reliably usable with all major online services.

  • SSL performance fixes  SSL performance should be markedly improved in this release, especially during SMTP sending.

  • Addressbook fixes  It is now possible to delete and rename addressbooks in the program. The 'add sender's address to addressbook' option should now work again, various other small corrections have been made in addressbook-related functions.

  • Messages stuck in the queue  A problem where 0-length files in the outgoing SMTP queue could not be reliably deleted from within the program has been fixed (at last).

  • New builds of IERenderer and BearHTML  Michael and Martin have produced versions of the modules that display HTML data in mail messages for this release: the new versions improve stability and rendering quality.

  • Spellchecking changes  Some changes to the way the spellchecker operates been made that should improve its usefulness to those who use it (in particular, a problem where the 'Don't send' button was missing during send-time spellechecks has been corrected).

  • New SpamHalter build  This release includes a new build of Lukas Gebauer's fine SpamHalter Bayesian anti-spam filter with improved reliability and performance.

  • Full German Release  Sven Henze has produced a full German version of v4.71, which can be downloaded from the same page as the English version.

There are also numerous other smaller fixes in this build.

Click here to go to the downloads page, where you can find and retrieve Pegasus Mail v4.71.


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