What's new in Mercury/NLM v1.48?

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V1.48 works around a serious problem introduced by Novell in NetWare 4.11 SP7 and 5.0 SP2. This problem typically manifested itself on complex NDS networks as an apparent "CPU Hog Abend" in either the MercNDSP or MercNDSS modules. This version also includes the ability to auto-rotate your log files and has improved detection of auto-replies sent to mailing lists. Apart from this, Mercury 1.48 is functionally equivalent to the v1.47 release, so we've left the release notes for that version showing below.

What's new in Mercury/NLM v1.47?

Mercury v1.47 is a consolidation of versions 1.45 and 1.46, which went through protracted pre-release testing. It should be one of the most stable versions of Mercury ever released, and includes a number of important new capabilities

  • Y2K   A number of small, cosmetic Y2K problems have been fixed.
  • Authenticated SMTP   Mercury now supports connections via Authenticated SMTP. Clients such as Pegasus Mail and Outlook can perform this kind of authentication.
  • Relaying tests   Mercury now has workarounds for problems with invalid tests involving malformed addresses in various anti-relaying test suites that will allow it to pass these tests. Other changes to Mercury's anti-relaying controls tighten up issues associated to mail sent using the special "<>" address.
  • POP3 connections   You can now limit the number of simultaneous POP3 connections.
  • NDS Mode   Innumerable fixes in NDS mode: Mercury now has a considerable amount of defensive code to deal with the vagaries of various versions of NDS. NDS mode operation should be significantly more reliable than in previous versions.
  • Mail server QUIET command    You can now prefix any command to the MAISER mail server with the special qualifier "QUIET", which suppresses notifications. This is useful to suppress farewell messages when removing invalid addresses from mailing lists.
  • Deferring outgoing mail   MercuryC can now defer mail. This is important for sites using smart mailers incorporating strict relaying controls that depend on being able to resolve hostnames. The Setup program will enable this feature by default in existing installations if you use it to upgrade the program. It is also enabled by default in all new installations.
  • POP3 connection control   MercuryP can now use the same Allow/Refuse entries as MercuryS to control connections. Add the keywords to the [MercuryP] section of MERCURY.INI.
  • Postmaster notifications   Mercury now generates an improved postmaster notification message making it easier to forward the original message onto an alternative recipient.
  • Many other fixes and corrections.

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