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Pegasus Mail and Mercury are free software packages, provided as a service to the broader Internet community. You can download the complete versions of these packages from any of our official download sites. Please select the site nearest you from the list below: you will then be taken to a list of the items available at that site, from which you can select the versions you want.

The Americas and Europe via Amazon's S3 web service
Note: at present, the Amazon S3 site handles our downloads for all regions)

Patches: From time to time, we may make interim patch versions of Pegasus Mail and Mercury available outside our normal development cycle. To see any patches that are currently available, click here.

Betas: As part of our normal development cycle, we try to release stable beta versions of Pegasus Mail and Mercury from time to time to allow public evaluation, scrutiny and contribution. Please click here to see and download any betas that may be available at this time.

Problems downloading? If you encounter problems downloading from these sites when using a web browser, please disable any virus detection software your browser may be using. You may also need to disable any personal firewall software you may be using for the duration of the download process.

For a list of current versions of our programs, please click here.

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