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Public beta releases, and preview editions

As a general rule, we aim to try and make stable beta versions of Pegasus Mail and Mercury available as circumstances permit, so that the public has a chance to test them out and report any final issues we may have overlooked prior to official release. Public betas are available from this page only, and may not be distributed in any form - they may only be used by the person who downloads them. We typically do not provide formal technical support for public betas or previews, but if you encounter an issue in a beta, you can mail our reporting address, with a summary of the problem - please include as much information as you can about the problem, in particular a step-by-step guide to reproducing it. Please note that you will not necessarily get anything other than an automatic reply when you mail this address - we will typically contact you only if we need more information. We also ask you to remember that this address is only for reporting specific problems in a beta or preview release - requests for technical support and feature requests sent here will be deleted without further action.

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