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Licensing and manuals for Pegasus Mail and Mercury

Pegasus Mail is completely free - there is no charge for using it on as many systems as you wish. Its author, David Harris, retains all rights to the program, but it is his desire to provide it as a free service for the benefit of all.

Mercury/32, the Mercury Mail Transport System, is free for non-commercial use. Commercial users may evaluate the program for 60 days, after which they should purchase an inexpensive license to continue using the program. For more information on Mercury licensing, and to purchase online, please visit our licensing site.

Manuals for both programs are provided as part of the distribution. The manual is in PDF format and is installed in the directory where you installed the program. For Pegasus Mail, the manual is called manual.pdf while for Mercury, it is called man-473.pdf (note that the Mercury filename may change depending on the version of the program, but it will be similar to the one shown and will be the only .PDF file in the directory). The manual may occasionally lag slightly behind the program's feature set but will generally be reasonably up- to-date: the program's built-in help, however, is always kept up-to-date.

Technical support: Pegasus Mail is a community- supported program: support can be found on our community web site, at The author and his test team are regular participants in the community. Licensed copies of Mercury/32 are entitled to direct support from the author of the program. Unlicensed copies of Mercury/32 may get community support at the Pegasus Mail community site.

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