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Encryptor and security-related plugins for Pegasus Mail.

This page lists locations for add-ons you can use to add encryption capabilities to, or enhance the security of Pegasus Mail for Windows.

Plugins for the 32-bit version of Pegasus Mail

QDPGP   Developed by Gerard Thomas, this plugin provides encryption support for for Pegasus Mail, With support for all major versions of PGP and for a variety of other encryption and security concepts, QDPGP offers a rich encryption environment for Pegasus Mail.

PMPGP  Created by Michael in der Wiesche, PMPGP provides excellent support for the full gamut of PGP functions, and an optional interface and documentation in German.

Both QDPGP and PMPGP are developed by active Pegasus Mail beta testers, and both are fully endorsed by the Pegasus Mail development team.

Plugins for the 16-bit version of Pegasus Mail

PGP-JN   Developed by John Navas, this module provides support for PGP v2.6 for the 16-bit version of Pegasus Mail.

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