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Using or republishing these Etiquette Guidelines

I regularly get requests to reprint or re-publish these guidelines: I am happy for you to use them, provided you agree to the following reasonable conditions:

  • You must attribute my copyright in the republished or reprinted item. The sentence "These guidelines are Copyright (c) 1990-2006, David Harris, all rights reserved" appearing anywhere visible in the document is sufficient to meet this requirement.
  • The guidelines must be published or reprinted complete and exactly as they appear on this site. In particular, you may not omit any part, nor modify the spelling or grammar in any way. The only exception to this requirement is that the reference to "setting your personal name in Pegasus Mail" in the section entitled "Addresses and personal names" may be edited out. Aside from this change, no other modifications are permitted.
  • You may not use the guidelines in any publication or context that promotes or condones the sending of spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail).

Provided you meet these conditions, you do not have to approach us for specific publication permission.  

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