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Frequently-Asked Questions - Mercury/32, capabilities

* Does Mercury/32 support Windows Server Systems?   Yes, starting with Server 2003.
* Does Mercury/32 support NetWare Servers?  Yes. Mercury/32 has the same level of NetWare-
    awareness as the NLM version or even more. It is simply hosted on the Windows architecture.
    Mercury/32 can service multiple Bindery servers, or your entire NDS network from one station
* Does Mercury/32 have to be run on Windows Server?  No. Any version of Windows later than XP is fine.
* Can I run Mercury in Bindery mode on a NetWare 4.x/5.x server?  Yes, though it's not recommended.
* Does Mercury/32 support incoming mail via SMTP?   Yes.
* Does Mercury/32 support incoming mail via POP3?  Yes, including support for domain mailboxes.
* Does Mercury do full SMTP delivery to the outside world?  Yes..
* We are behind a firewall: can I tell Mercury to relay all mail via our firewall mail server?   Yes.
* Does Mercury have a POP3 server?  Yes.
* Does Mercury/32 allow my POP3 users to change their passwords remotely?  Yes.
* Does Mercury/32 support the PH Directory Service protocol?  Yes.
* Does Mercury/32 give me statistical information about mail going through my system?  Yes - you
    can have it saved periodically to a file, or e-mailed to any address periodically
* Can I have mail automatically printed to a selected printer on arrival using Mercury/32?   Yes - in fact,
    using Mercury's industrial strength filtering rules, you can automate almost any set of tasks you
    wish on your incoming mail
* How much does Mercury cost? Mercury/32 is free for non-commercial and personal use.
    For commercial use, a 60-day evaluation period is allowed, after which licenses can be purchased
    for prices starting at US$95. For more information, click here..

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