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Mercury/32 Daemon Developer Kit, Overview

A Mercury/32 Daemon is a plug-in module that extends the functionality of the system. Daemons are wired into Mercury's internal infrastructure at the lowest levels and have enormous power - using a Daemon, you can:

  • Turn specific e-mail addresses on your server into automated mail processing engines
  • Gain the opportunity to process every message that passes through your queue
  • Add entirely new functions to the Mercury environment
  • Extend existing protocol modules, by adding, changing or suppressing their commands
  • Add completely new protocol layers to the program
  • ... and much more.

Mercury makes a huge range of internal functions and data structures available to Daemons, all of which are documented in detail with working code samples in this kit.

To develop Daemons, you will need this kit, a programming environment (Microsoft Visual C++ and Borland C++ are explicitly supported, while other environments such as Delphi can be used with some effort), and some basic experience in writing Windows programs in C or C++.

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